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PAP Executive Council comprises 11 democratically elected individuals (5 office bearers and 6 Executive members) from all over the country. Executive Council act as an executive and managing authority of the Association. All members of the Executive Council are elected for the period of two years (First  elections held in October, 2000).



Dr. M.S. Jillani

Formal Federal Secretary

Ministry of Population Welfare, Govt. of Pakistan

Vice President

Dr. Zeba A. Sathar

Deputy Country Representative/Chief of Research

Population Council/Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Secretary General

Dr. Abdul Hakim


National Institute of Population Studies, Islamabad

Joint Secretary

Mrs. Seemin Ashfaq

Deputy Programme Manager

Population Council, Islamabad


Mr. Muhammad Aslam Chaudhry

Census Commissioner

Pakistan Census Organization, Islamabad


Dr. Rehana Ahmed

Chief Executive

Social Marketing Pakistan, Karachi

Dr. Tauseef Ahmed

RH Advisor

Multi Support Unit/ Social Action Programme

The World Bank, Islamabad

Dr. Naushin Mehmood

Chief of Research

Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad

Dr. Farid Midhet

Principal Investigator - Balochistan Safe Motherhood Initiative

The Asia Foundation, Islamabad

Dr. Rashida Panezai


Mahec Trust, Quetta

Dr. Razzaque Rukunuddin

Freelance Consultant, Islamabad











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