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Executive Council 2009-10

PAP Executive Council comprises 11 democratically elected individuals (5 office bearers and 6 Executive members) from all over the country. Executive Council acts as an executive and managing authority of the Association. All members of the Executive Council are elected for the period of two years (Elections held on 4th December 2008)

Office Bearers:

President:                     Dr. Saeed Shafqat

Vice-President:            Dr. Ali M. Mir                        

Secretary General:      Mrs. Seemin Ashfaq            

Joint Secretary:           Dr. Fateh M. Burfat

Treasurer                    Mr. Mehboob Sultan

Members Executive Council:

Dr. Arshad Mahmood

Dr. Rashida Panezai

Dr. Tauseef Ahmed

Dr. G. M. Arif

Mr. Shahzado Sheikh

Dr. Sartaj Naeem




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