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Executive Council 2011-12

The new executive council elected for tenure 2011-2012 is.

President:                  Ms. Shahida Azfar                         

Vice-President:         Dr. G. M. Arif, Joint Director PIDE University Islamabad                 

Secretary General:    Mr. Mehboob Sultan, Freelance Consultant & X Executive Director NIPS

Joint Secretary:          Dr. Ashfaq A. Maan, Chairman Department of Sociology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad                          

Treasurer                     Dr. Zareef Ud Din Khan, Deputy National Coordinator (MS) Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health                  


Members Executive Council:                                                

Mrs. Seemin Ashfaq, Sr. Program Manager Population Council Islamabad                            

Dr.  Ali M. Mir, Director Programs Population Council & COP FALAH Project Islamabad                                   

Dr. Mohammad Hafeez, Chairman Institute of Social and Cultural Studies University of Punjab Lahore                 

Dr. Sabiha H. Syed, Director Migration Research Centre Islamabad                          

Dr. Naila Ehsan, Professsor and Incharge Gynae III Bolan medical College Quetta

Dr. Bilal Ahmad, Immunization Officer UNICEF Peshawar


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